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Choosing the perfect bracelet or bangle is easy because every piece tells a story. Gold bracelets have been worn throughout history as status symbols, and there’s still something confidence-building about a shiny gold bangle adorning your wrist. If you’re heading into a big meeting, first date, or reunion, then reach for the gold. Charm bracelets in gold are also traditionally given as a token of love and affection, so will always make for a meaningful gift. Women’s silver bracelets are carefree and have a spirit all of their own. In some cultures, a silver bracelet on the left wrist is thought to bring good luck to the wearer. A stack of sterling silver bangles pair well with denim, and silver bracelets with charms go with just about any casual outfit. Kate Spade takes these classics and gives them a modern twist with coloured enamels, semi-precious stones and a wide range of widths, fits, and sizes, from ethereal chains to statement-making hinged bangle bracelets. Mix and match with some Kate Spade earrings or a designer necklace , and you’re fully accessorised and ready to take on the world. Add some glam to your day and shop online for the best designer bracelets Australia!