Global Ethics & Compliance


tapestry, inc. global ethics and compliance reporting system

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tapestry limits the number of persons who have access to the details of a concern raised and information obtained through any investigation process.

concerns are thoroughly investigated in order to identify verifiable facts and ensure fairness. all individuals who contribute information to an investigation are directed to maintain confidentiality. we take this step to protect and respect all individuals involved in the process.


investigation process

tapestry will promptly investigate any reasonable report of a concern. the task of investigating the matter will be allocated to persons / teams based on the nature of the issue raised. the tapestry legal and compliance team will be involved as necessary and if appropriate, tapestry may also engage a third party to assist with the investigation process. any third party involved will be subject to strict confidentiality obligations.

the tapestry board and/or management will take action as it deems appropriate where wrongdoing is identified as a result of an investigation.


freedom from victimisation

tapestry will not accept victimisation of any whistleblower, including causing or threatening to cause detriment (such as dismissal, injury, alteration of position or duties to his/her disadvantage, discrimination or harassment) to that person.


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